Brick Work

With our expertise, we guarantee that we will find the closest possible match whether the building or home is 10 or 100 years old. We have access to an extensive supply chain and know all brick types. We pride ourselves on being service leaders.

For thousands of years, brick has been used as one of the primary masonry materials due to its strength and durability in the harsh Canadian climate. Whether it is new construction on a brick veneer wall or an existing brick application, our certified masons have a wide breadth of experience dealing with all aspects of brick in both residential and commercial settings. Brick can be used on homes, pillars, doorsteps, walkways, chimneys, and load-bearing walls.

When dealing with Alberta’s constant freeze/thaw cycles, it is essential to protect your brick correctly. There are many factors associated with the deterioration of brick. The most common factors include water infiltration, lack of cap or flashing, the wrong type of mortar, plugging of weep vents, silicone in brick joints, or efflorescence. Efflorescence can be brought in from the salts used on the roads causing white stains on the brick. Both water and efflorescence will eat away at the brick over time, causing it to deteriorate.