Flawless Brickwork Crafted with Unparalleled Expertise at Met Exteriors

Unmatched Experience and Knowledge: Meticulously Matching Brickwork

With extensive experience and a deep understanding of brickwork, Met Exteriors expertly matches bricks for buildings of any age. Our access to a wide range of brick types through an extensive supply chain, combined with our unwavering commitment to service excellence, positions us as industry leaders, ensuring the best brickwork solutions you need.

Strength and Durability through the Ages: From New Construction to Restoration

For millennia, brick has stood as one of the primary masonry materials, renowned for its strength and durability in Canada’s demanding climate. Our certified masons, well-versed in both residential and commercial settings, bring a wealth of experience to new brick veneer construction and the meticulous restoration of existing brick applications. From homes, pillars, doorsteps, and walkways to chimneys and load-bearing walls, we skillfully apply brick to create enduring structures.

Preserving Brick Integrity: Mitigating the Challenges of Freeze/Thaw Cycles

Protecting your brick against Alberta’s relentless freeze/thaw cycles is our top priority. Our experts are well-versed in the factors that contribute to brick deterioration, including water infiltration, improper cap or flashing, incompatible mortar, obstructed weep vents, silicone in brickwork joints, and efflorescence caused by salts. With our expertise, we effectively mitigate these risks, ensuring long-lasting and impeccable results. Our brick products serve as an industry excellence in mitigating all these challenges. 

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Customer Satisfaction with Met Exteriors

Experience unrivaled craftsmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction with Met Exteriors. Contact us today to discuss your brickwork projects and witness our exceptional team bring your vision to life.

Strength and Durability in the Face of Alberta’s Climate: The Timelessness of Brick

For thousands of years, brick has reigned as one of the primary masonry materials, owing to its strength and durability in the harsh Canadian climate. Our certified masons possess extensive experience in both residential and commercial settings, skillfully applying brick to various elements such as homes, pillars, doorsteps, walkways, chimneys, and load-bearing walls.

Mitigating Brick Deterioration: Protection against Freeze/Thaw Cycles

When confronted with Alberta’s constant freeze/thaw cycles, proper protection of your brick becomes paramount. Multiple factors, including water infiltration, insufficient cap or flashing, unsuitable mortar, clogged weep vents, silicone in brick joints, and efflorescence caused by salts, contribute to brick deterioration. Efflorescence, resulting in white stains from road salts, and water erosion gradually degrade the brick over time.

Excellence in Brick Work Craftsmanship

At Met Exteriors, we take immense pride in our superior brick work services. Our certified masons bring their unparalleled expertise to every brick project, whether it’s new construction or meticulous restoration. We understand the enduring strength of brick, particularly in Canada’s demanding climate, and we ensure every structure we touch stands the test of time. From residential homes to commercial buildings, our brick work endures Alberta’s freeze/thaw cycles, thanks to our meticulous attention to detail. We address factors like water infiltration, proper flashing, compatible mortar, and efflorescence prevention, ensuring your brick remains impeccable. Trust Met Exteriors for unmatched craftsmanship in brick work – your vision, our excellence.