Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco is also referred to as traditional or conventional stucco. This product is solid and durable and offers resistance from woodpeckers and other hazards. It is also fireproof and impact resistant up to 1250 lbs/sq inch.

Traditional stucco comprises Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. Since this product is composed of all natural materials, it is an Eco-friendly option for your home or building. Cementitious stucco is a versatile thin finish that can be applied to flat or curved surfaces to give any building a beautiful and classy appearance. It can be applied in a variety of colors and textures and give your building a unique look. This product can be applied directly to concrete, or it can be applied to wood frame construction over metal lath. This is called a scratch and brown system. This system has been proven to work in all climates. 


The Installation of Traditional Stucco involves a moisture barrier, followed by two coats of cement (Scratch and brown coat) to a thickness of 3/4inch this is applied over a stucco wire and a finish coat of your desired preference. 

Cementitious Stucco can be applied to the following types of walls: 

> Concrete

> Wood and steel frame

> Cinder block

> Clay Brick

Repair Solutions

Contraction and expansion of traditional or conventional stucco is common due to Canadian weather conditions causing it to freeze and thaw year after year. 

Stucco Repairs can be made to cover over existing cracks, however preventative measures to avoid future cracking can be taken in the initial installation process. Proper installation can make a big difference and save repair costs long term, by hiring an experienced and certified contractor. 

Our goal when doing a repair on your home is not to cover up the problem but to offer you a solutions that makes it appear that the exterior of your home was never damaged in the first place. 

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