Woodpecker Damage

Woodpecker damage on stucco homes

Discover the Amazing Woodpecker and its Challenges

As our cities expand into more forested areas, we reduce the space for wild animals to live. Some of these animals move on and find an alternative place to reside. Others, such as the woodpecker, also decide to make our homes theirs.

This fantastic little bird is nature’s construction worker; they drill perfect circular holes in wood and other materials to make nests for themselves and other birds. After the hole is created on the exterior of the building, this will diminish the appearance of your house and allow water to compromise the internal structure. This can cause moisture damage, rot, and mold. The Bird Conservation Act protects the woodpecker, so you can not harm or disturb them, especially during the mating season. The holes they make can be repaired, but they will still need to come back and drill another hole in the exact location, causing costly repairs year after year. The best way to prevent this damage is by using our engineered impact-resistant coating system. The woodpecker has realized they can peck through stucco and into the foam underneath. There are several reasons why they do this. Unfortunately, this can lead to stucco damage and potential issues within the structure.

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Understanding Woodpecker Behavior: Why They Target Stucco

Woodpeckers drill perfect circular holes in wood and other materials to create nests for themselves and other birds. When they penetrate the exterior stucco of buildings, they not only diminish the appearance but also allow water to compromise the internal structure, leading to moisture damage, rot, and mold. It’s important to note that woodpeckers are protected under the Bird Conservation Act, making it illegal to harm or disturb them, particularly during the mating season.

If you suspect woodpecker stucco damage to your stucco, take immediate action. Met Exteriors specializes in installing our Engineered Impact Resistant System, restoring your exterior walls’ appearance and functionality while providing long-term protection.

Moreover, woodpeckers drum on surfaces to attract mates and communicate. Once they breach the stucco, they can easily create insulated nests inside your home. Additionally, they may peck at walls to mark their territory and deter other birds, as stucco provides a good source of food, such as insects like ants, termites, and beetles.

Why do Woodpeckers Drill Holes?

Woodpeckers are known for their pecking behavior, obviously that is why we call them the Woodpecker. This pecking can cause unsightly holes and cracks in stucco and other building materials. There are several reasons why woodpeckers may target stucco, including:

  1. Attracting mates: The noise they make by drumming through the stucco is quite loud and attracts mates. They use this sound to communicate and create music. Once the woodpecker makes it way through the stucco the foam is not hard to penetrate and this bird can easily build an insulated nest on the inside of your home
  2. Territorial behavior: Woodpeckers are highly territorial birds and will defend their territory against other birds, especially during breeding season. They may peck at stucco walls as a way to mark their territory and deter other birds from entering the area.
  3. Foraging for insects: Woodpeckers also peck at stucco to find insects and other prey hiding in the material. Stucco can provide a good source of food for woodpeckers, as it can harbor insects such as ants, termites, and beetles.
  4. Excavating for nesting sites: Woodpeckers may also peck at stucco to create a cavity for nesting. They prefer to nest in dead or decaying trees, but may also use other materials such as stucco or siding if they cannot find suitable natural nesting sites.
Woodpecker Damage
Woodpecker Damage
Woodpecker damage Edmonton
Woodpecker damage Edmonton

Common Solutions

It is said that if you Install visual and auditory deterrents such as shiny objects, reflective tape, or wind chimes. These items can help scare woodpeckers away from your home and keep them from pecking at your stucco. In reality this is not an effective way to detour the woodpecker. The bird may be intimidated at first but once they get used to these objects and learn that these devices can not harm them they will return and continue to drill holes in the same locations. The sound of this might also disturb your neighbors and it is detrimental to the sensitive hearing of dogs and cats which could lead to permanent hearing damage. In this photo the birds have come back just to peck holes around the electronic bird repellant device.

Preventing Woodpecker Damage: Introduce the Engineered Impact Resistant Coating System

Met Exteriors offers a reliable solution to prevent future woodpecker damage: our Engineered Impact Resistant EIFS System. Woodpeckers have realized that they can peck through stucco and reach the foam underneath, causing potential nesting areas. Our specialized system is designed to resist their impact and discourage them from drilling holes repeatedly in the same location.

If you suspect woodpecker damage to your stucco, take immediate action to prevent further harm. Met Exteriors specializes in installing our Engineered Impact Resistant System, which restores the appearance and functionality of your exterior walls while providing long-term protection.

Remove food sources: Woodpeckers are attracted to areas with a good source of insects and other prey, so removing these food sources can help deter them from pecking at your stucco. Regularly inspect and treat your home and surrounding property for pests, and consider using bird feeders to draw woodpeckers away from your home

Woodpecker Damage Edmonton
Woodpecker Damage Edmonton

How to Protect Your Investment

These solutions listed above are all temporary. At Met Exteriors, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance of your stucco to identify and address any potential issues before they become more serious. Our team of experts can help you develop a comprehensive plan to prevent woodpecker damage and protect the integrity of your home’s exterior for years to come. The best solution to preventing woodpecker problems is to stop the problem before it starts. We can not offer warranty against woodpeckers using the standard EIFS system. We recommend using the Engineered Woodpecker Impact Resistant System on your home right from the start to avoid a hassle in future years.

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woodpecker holes in stucco
The woodpecker will be stopped by woodpecker proof materials.
Woodpecker damage can be prevented by using woodpecker proof materials.
No woodpecker can peck through woodpecker proof materials.
Woodpecker proof materials are effective against woodpeckers.
To stop the woodpecker, use woodpecker proof materials.
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