Engineered Woodpecker Resistant EIFS System

Met Exteriors and our partners have redesigned and Engineered with the latest in innovative technology a woodpecker resistant EIFS system.  Our experienced and certified applicators can apply this product  to your new home or your existing EIFS system.

As our cities expand into more forested areas, we reduce the amount of space for wild animals to live. Some of these animals move on and find another place to call home. Others such as the woodpecker decide to make our homes theirs as well.

This amazing little bird is natures construction worker, they drill perfect circular holes in wood and other materials to make nests for themselves and other birds. The woodpecker has realized that they can peck through stucco and into the foam underneath. There are several reasons why they do this. The noise they make by drumming through the stucco is quite loud and attracts mates. They use this sound to communicate and create music. Once the woodpecker makes it way through the stucco the foam is not hard to penetrate and this bird can easily build an insulated nest on the inside of your home.

After the hole is created on the exterior of the building this will diminish the appearance of you home will allow for water to compromise the structure, causing moisture damage, rot and mould.  The woodpecker is protected under the Bird Conservation act, which means that you can not harm them or disturb them especially during the mating season. The holes they make can be repaired, but this will not detour them from coming back and drilling another hole in the same location, causing costly repairs year after year. The best way to prevent this damage is by using our engineered impact resistant coating system. 

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