Exterior Home Inspections

EIFS and Stucco Inspections

  • Nothing lasts forever.

  • Occasionally it is necessary to have a home inspection done on the exterior of your home to know if all the elements of the building envelope are working properly.  

  • At Met Exteriors our moisture control technicians are equipped with thermal imagining cameras and visual inspection cameras. These tools assist us to inspect your exterior EIFS or traditional stucco application and let you know if the system is working or not.

  • We can offer our professional opinion on what needs to be done to  resolve any issues that may have developed over time or as a result of changing weather conditions.

  • With our experience and expertise we are also able to assist you, the homeowner, to assure your contractor takes the necessary steps to properly install your building envelope.

  • If you are concerned with air leakage or water penetration into your home or building don’t delay call us today.

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