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Woodpecker Siding Damage

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Met Exteriors offers a reliable solution to prevent future woodpecker damage: our Engineered Impact Resistant EIFS System. Woodpeckers have realized that they can peck through stucco and reach the foam underneath, causing potential nesting areas. Our specialized system is designed to resist their impact and discourage them from drilling holes repeatedly in the same location.

Woodpecker Coating Systems By Met Exteriors

The Reasons Behind Woodpecker Drilling

woodpecker holes in stucco

Woodpeckers drill into stucco for various reasons, including attracting mates, marking territory, and foraging for insects. This behavior can cause significant damage to stucco exteriors. Met Exteriors addresses these challenges with our Engineered Impact Resistant System, providing an effective solution to protect your home from woodpecker damage.

Auditory device results into Nothing

Woodpecker Electronic Bird Repeller Scare Birds Stop Woodpecker

Unlike auditory devices that claim to deter woodpeckers through sound, our woodpecker-proof stucco products provide a more effective and humane solution. Auditory devices have limitations in preventing woodpecker damage, as these birds are often adaptable to various sounds. As seen above in the picture, woodpecker will peck holes even if there is the device present. Additionally, some of these devices emit radiation, which may not only be ineffective but can potentially harm the animals and surrounding environment. Our approach focuses on creating a physical barrier with our specialized stucco products, offering a safe and lasting solution to protect your property from woodpecker damage.By choosing our woodpecker-proof stucco services, you not only ensure the preservation of your home but also contribute to a safer and more environmentally friendly solution.


Woodpecker Damage on Wooden Siding

Woodpecker Siding damage

Woodpecker damage on wooden siding can lead to unsightly holes and potential structural issues. Our woodpecker-proof stucco services and products offer a durable solution, protecting your home from damage and preserving its aesthetic appeal. See the impact for yourself in the photo above.

Shiny Objects won't stop the Woodpecker

Woodpecker damage

Glittering objects may catch your eye, but when it comes to woodpeckers, they won’t deter these persistent birds. Our woodpecker-proof stucco services provide a practical solution, offering lasting protection for your property. Don’t rely on temporary fixes – see the difference in the photo above and safeguard your home today.

Old Neighbourhoods and Woodpecker Damage: Understanding the Connection

Woodpecker Stucco Damage

In older neighborhoods, woodpecker damage tends to be more prevalent, and there are various factors contributing to this phenomenon. Research suggests that aging homes may have deteriorating wood surfaces, attracting woodpeckers searching for insects or creating nesting sites. Additionally, older trees and landscaping provide more hiding spots and potential food sources for these birds. 

Met Exteriors offers tailored solutions for woodpecker-related challenges in older neighborhoods, addressing the unique aspects that contribute to increased damage. Our Woodpecker Coating System and Woodpecker Proof Products are designed to protect and rejuvenate exteriors, ensuring a defense against the challenges posed by woodpeckers in aging environments. Choose Met Exteriors to safeguard your property in old neighborhoods from woodpecker damage effectively.


Lime Plaster can be used as a Woodpecker poof product

Woodpecker exterior damage

Did you know that lime plaster can serve as a woodpecker-proof solution? Lime plaster, with its natural composition, is less appealing to woodpeckers, deterring them from causing damage to your exteriors. Met Exteriors not only provides lime plaster solutions but also offers a comprehensive range of limestone products and services. Our limestone offerings, including specialized limestone plaster, stand as an effective and aesthetically pleasing woodpecker-resistant option for your property. Explore the natural deterrent properties of lime plaster with Met Exteriors, where quality meets innovation in protecting your exteriors from woodpecker-related concerns. Choose our limestone products and services for a holistic approach to woodpecker-proofing your property.


How to Stop Woodpeckers!

Woodpecker Damage

Discover effective solutions on how to stop woodpeckers with Met Exteriors. Our Woodpecker Proof Products and advanced Woodpecker Coating System provide a reliable defense, ensuring your property stays protected and pristine. If you’re building a new house, consider the longevity of EIFS Systems—contact your builder to inquire about the benefits of EIFS in preventing woodpecker damage, offering a proactive solution for lasting protection. 

Choose Met Exteriors for straightforward and innovative solutions against woodpecker-related concerns

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