Cementitous Stucco

Cementitious Stucco

Cementitious stucco is also referred to as traditional or conventional stucco

This is a durable and versatile finish that can give any building a beautiful and classy appearance. It is composed of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, with many color options available.


The Installation of Cementitious Stucco involves a moisture barrier, followed by three coats of stucco applied over a stucco wire. 

Cementitious Stucco can be applied to the following types of walls: 

  • Concrete
  • Wood and steel frame
  • Cinder block
  • Clay Brick
Cementitious Stucco Installation Guide

Common Problems

Contraction and expansion of cementitious stucco is common due to Canadian weather conditions causing it to freeze and thaw year after year.

Since cementitious stucco is not as elastic as acrylic stucco, it is much more prone to cracking. 

Repairs can be made to cover over existing cracks, however preventative measures to avoid future cracking can be taken in the initial installation process. Proper installation can make a big difference and save repair costs long term. 

Alberta winters are cold (or extremely cold). Traditional stucco will crack and shrink when exposed to our cold climate. It’s excellent for interiors or inside commercial buildings, but for Edmonton’s home exteriors, we recommend you stick with the acrylic and benefit from the elasticity of the polymer finishes. Most new luxury homes use EIFS layered wall systems with foam and insulation (probably the best solution for Edmonton homes and commercial exteriors).

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