Parging is a thin layer typically applied near the base of a house or commercial property, it usually runs right where the foundation and ground meet. There are many benefits to parging, including: 

  • An added layer of insulation
  • Protection of the foundation
  • Aesthetically pleasing

How to Repair Parging Damage

Being in Edmonton, we have hot summers and harshly cold winters. This puts our parging at risk of cracks and deterioration. However, parking is at the most risk in springtime when the water melts from the snow and makes contact with the finishing of the parging.

The moisture from the water and ice causes it to seep through the mortar mixture and finish, which then causes swelling from the inside. The damage starts with slight cracking, then progresses to a larger damaged area. Eventually, if not taken care of, the entire finish can come right off.

If repairs are not done sufficiently, and on time, water can leak into the walls and floors if they are wooden.

When doing parging repairs, it is essential to remove the existing layer and put a new fresh coat on. Placing a new layer on top of the existing damaged layer is a waste of money and ineffective due to the existing cracks.