The benefits of stucco include:

  • Durability – If appropriately done, stucco is resistant to things such as fire, rot, and mould. 
  • Low Maintenance – Like other exteriors, stucco can be washed with a pressure washer to eliminate dust or dirt.
  • Texture – Stucco can be applied to a specific surface the client wants, giving your house a seamless, unique look. 

To maintain these benefits, you should keep your stucco in good repair.

Stucco repairs can be complex, depending on where the damaged area is. When stucco is damaged, it can cause significant issues in the structural wall, such as water damage resulting in mould and mildew. 

Met Exteriors will come and inspect the damaged area and then come up with the best solution to do proper and cost-effective repair, whether it be patchwork or replacing the whole section if necessary.

When repairing stucco, it’s essential to keep the integrity of the protective properties while at the same time keeping the texture and colour uniform with the existing wall. If done incorrectly, the stucco can crack due to the structure needing the flexibility to move and settle. 

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May 30, 2023 10:01 pm