Stucco Repair

Choosing to stucco your home is an investment, while it may be more expensive to choose

stucco rather than other options there are many benefits of having stucco on your home


  • Durability – If done properly stucco is resistant against things such as fire, rot, and mold. 
  • Low Maintenance – Just like other exteriors, stucco can be washed with a pressure washer in order to get rid of any dust or dirt.
  • Texture – Stucco can be applied in a specific texture the client wants, giving your house a seamless unique look. 


Stucco repairs can be difficult, depending on where the damaged area is. When stucco is

damaged it can cause major issues in the structural wall such as water damage resulting in

mold and mildew. 

Met Exteriors will come and inspect the damaged area then come up with the best

solution to do a proper and cost effective repair weather it be patch work, or replacing

the whole section if necessary.  


When repairing stucco it’s important to keep the integrity of the protective properties

while at the same time keeping the texture and colour uniform with the existing wall. If

done incorrectly the stucco can crack, this is due to the structure needing flexibility, in

order to move and settle. 

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This is why it is important to have a stucco contractor with the skills and knowledge to fix

not only the overlaying problem but make sure the job is done correctly so no further

issues occur. 



Contact us at Met Exteriors and get a quote for a stucco repair done the right way! 

How to tell if your stucco is failing:

  1. Any unexplained leaks in your house other than plumbing leaks. 
  2. If you caulking around your windows and doors is worn or aged. If you can feel a draft next to your windows and doors, that means water can enter as well. 
  3. If the transition from stucco to other materials is not sealed properly. 
  4. If your stucco cracking and turning black. There may be heavy staining, thin cracks, bulges in the stucco wall finish, or missing chunks of stucco. 
  5. If you have an existing structure such as a deck next to your stucco that is rotting, it may have damaged the finish.
  6. Having a wood framed chimney is a high problem area, wood framed chimney’s do not get along with stucco.