Cementitious Stucco

Another name for Cementitious Stucco is Traditional Stucco, it was most commonly used

in the in the early 1900’s.


There are a few differences between the two systems, mainly what it is made out of,

cementitious or traditional stucco is made out of Portland Cement while the acrylic

stucco is made out from… you guessed it acrylic resins and/or polymers.


With Cementitious Stucco the range of textures you can achieve are limitless, from

smooth to rough and everything in between. Different sized sand is used in order to

create a wide rage of textures. 



Since Cementitious Stucco is a cement based product, the colours tend to not be as bright as

the Acrylic. When choosing Cementitious Stucco, lighter colours are recommended for this



Common Problems 

One of the most common problems with Cementitious Stucco is that it can shrink and crack

with the freeze-thaw cycles in Edmonton. This is why Acrylic Stucco is more common in

newer builds because of the elasticity of the polymer finish which will expand and contract

with the weather cycles.