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Edmonton Residential EIFS

Unmatched Experience and Knowledge

Met Exteriors brings a new dimension to residential projects with modern Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS). EIFS is a multi-layered wall system designed for safety and superior insulation, playing a crucial role in your home’s energy consumption plan. Opting for an EIFS wall system means enjoying a structural air envelope that significantly reduces heating and cooling bills. An acrylic finish coat over EIFS adds an extra layer of durability and aesthetic appeal.

EIFS Residential Project in Edmonton

Unleashing Creativity with EPS Foam in Construction

EPS Foam, integral to EIFS, allows for unprecedented design flexibility in residential construction. This material enables contractors to craft intricate wall systems, which, when coated with a synthetic polymer base coat, result in elegant and versatile mouldings. Imagine the possibilities for trims, sills, bands, and cornices on your home, all thanks to the versatility of EPS Foam.

Modern Eifs And stone Work

Innovative Installation Techniques for Optimal Performance

EIFS can be installed in two ways: mechanically fastened or glue-on application. The Alberta Building Code mandates the glue-on application for new residential buildings, while the mechanically fastened system is suitable for commercial applications and existing exterior renovations. The process includes applying a weather barrier, reinforcing EIFS mesh tape over sheathing seams, and gluing the foam with a polymer base coat. The EPS is then leveled, and a reinforcing mesh is applied, followed by a finish coat in your chosen color.

Residential EIFS

Non-Combustible Systems for Enhanced Safety

In the context of expanding urban landscapes, using non-combustible exterior building envelopes is crucial for protecting buildings from fire damage. Mineral wool, made from rocks and slag, is a popular choice for its non-combustibility, high R-value, and eco-friendly properties. This innovative material ensures your building is not only insulated but also safe from fire hazards.


Dispelling Common Misconceptions About EIFS

A common misconception is confusing EIFS with Stucco. Unlike cementitious Stucco, EIFS is a non-cementitious product. While Stucco is fireproof, EIFS is fire-rated for 20 minutes when correctly applied, offering a different but effective level of fire protection.

Dark Color Acrylic Fading Over Time

Does Dark Color Acrylic Fade?

When it comes to residential EIFS, it’s important to note that dark color acrylic finishes may experience fading over time due to prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays, as you can see above. At Met Exteriors, we understand the impact of weathering on your home’s exterior. Our expert EIFS solutions not only provide durable protection but also include finishes designed to resist fading, ensuring your property maintains its vibrant appeal for years to come. Explore our residential EIFS options and enjoy lasting beauty without compromising on color integrity.

Eifs repairs

EIFS Repairs

EIFS, or Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a popular choice for its energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. However, like any exterior surface, EIFS may require repairs over time. At Met Exteriors, our skilled professionals specialize in EIFS repairs to address issues such as cracks, water damage, or wear and tear. Trust us to restore the integrity of your EIFS, ensuring your home not only looks great but also remains well-protected. Discover reliable EIFS repair solutions with us, bringing your exterior back to its prime condition.

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