Thin Brick Veneer

With Unparalleled Expertise, We Ensure Flawless Brickwork. At Met Exteriors, we possess the experience and knowledge to meticulously match brickwork for buildings of any age. Our extensive supply chain grants us access to a wide array of brick types, while our commitment to service excellence sets us apart as industry leaders.

For millennia, brick has been trusted for its unrivaled strength and durability in Canada’s demanding climate. From new brick veneer construction to restoring existing brick applications, our certified masons possess a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial settings. We skillfully apply brick to homes, pillars, doorsteps, walkways, chimneys, and load-bearing walls.

Safeguarding your brick against Alberta’s relentless freeze/thaw cycles is our top priority. Our experts understand the multitude of factors that contribute to brick deterioration, including water infiltration, improper cap or flashing, incompatible mortar, obstructed weep vents, silicone in brick joints, and efflorescence caused by salts. Water and efflorescence pose a long-term threat to brick integrity, but with our expertise, we mitigate these risks to ensure long-lasting, impeccable results.

Experience Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Customer Satisfaction with Met Exteriors. Contact us today to discuss your brickwork project and let our exceptional team bring your vision to life.

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