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MET Exteriors excels in providing top-quality Traditional Stucco, a durable and eco-friendly option for your home or building. Our Traditional Stucco is not only resistant to woodpecker damage but also offers an impressive impact resistance of up to 1250 lbs/sq inch. With our expertise in applying this versatile, fireproof material, we ensure a unique and elegant appearance for your building, tailored to your aesthetic preferences.

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Cementitious stucco with an acrylic finish

Traditional Stucco: A Blend of Durability and Aesthetics

Traditional Stucco, made from natural materials like Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, is an eco-friendly choice that enhances the beauty and resilience of your property. MET Exteriors specializes in the meticulous installation of Traditional Stucco, ensuring a flawless finish in a variety of colors and textures. Whether applied to concrete or wood frame construction, our ‘scratch and brown system’ is proven effective in all climates.
Cementitious Stucco

Installation Excellence with MET Exteriors

The installation process of Traditional Stucco by MET Exteriors involves a comprehensive approach, including a moisture barrier and two coats of cement, ensuring a robust thickness of 3/4 inch. Our skilled team can apply Cementitious Stucco to various wall types, guaranteeing a seamless and durable finish.


Reliable Repair Solutions for Traditional Stucco

In the face of Canadian weather conditions, MET Exteriors offers expert repair solutions for Traditional Stucco. We focus on not just covering up the problem but providing lasting solutions that restore your home’s exterior to its original glory. Trust our experienced and certified contractors for installations that minimize future repair costs and maintain the integrity of your stucco.

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