Woodpecker Holes Repair: A Temporary Fix or a Lasting Solution?

How to stop woodpeckers from damaging to stucco
Woodpecker exterior damage

Woodpecker damage can leave unsightly holes on your exterior surfaces, compromising both the appearance and structural integrity of your property. While some may opt for a quick fix by patching up these holes, it’s crucial to understand that repairing the holes alone is often just a temporary solution.

At Met Exteriors, we believe in offering more than just a band-aid fix. Repairing woodpecker holes without addressing the root cause may leave your property vulnerable to repeated attacks. That’s why we don’t just patch up the holes – we provide sustainable and long-lasting solutions. Our Woodpecker Proof products and our Coating mechanism, heps ensure that your property stays intact and without any woodpecker damage danger.

Our approach involves recoating the affected area or even redoing it entirely with our specialized woodpecker-proof stucco products. These products not only repair the damage but also act as a robust deterrent, preventing future woodpecker attacks. By choosing Met Exteriors, you invest in a comprehensive solution that goes beyond superficial repairs, ensuring the lasting beauty and protection of your property. Say goodbye to temporary fixes and welcome a woodpecker-resistant exterior that stands strong for years to come. For more information about our Woodpecker Coating System, please visit our service page.

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