Modern EIFS Technology

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulated Finish System, essentially a wall made up of several layers designed to be safe and well insulated. Your exterior wall system is a critical component of your energy consumption plan. An acrylic finish coat is one option can be applied over the EIFS.  With an EIFS wall system, you will have a structural air envelope that will save on your heating and cooling bills.

Unlimited Designs With EPS Foam

EPS Foam is used in all kinds of construction applications. It allows contractors to design fancy wall systems that, when coated with a synthetic polymer base coat can create the most elegant and versatile mouldings residential construction has seen. Imagine the trims, sills, bands, and cornices you could have on your home. 


There are two ways to install this EIFS system. 

Mechanically fastened and glue on application. The glue on application is required by the Alberta Building code for new residential building. The mechanically fastened system can be used for a commercial application existing exterior renovations. 

An weather barrier is applied with a trowel or a roller over the sheathing, a reinforcing EIFS mesh tape in applied over all the sheathing seams. The foam is glued on using an approved polymer base coat. The EPS is then leveled with a special rasping tool for foam. Reinforcing mesh is applied over the foam again with an approved polymer basecoat. Then we finish the application with a finish coat of your desired color selection.


A non-combustible exterior building envelope contains materials that will not ignite or release flammable vapors when exposed to fire and heat. As our cities expand, buildings are being constructed more closely together than in the past. Using a non-combustible building envelope system helps protect your building and the surrounding buildings from the damage of a possible fire. 

Mineral wool has been a popular choice among builders and contractors when it comes to implementing this type of System. Mineral wool is an insulating building material that is made from rocks and slag. Slag is a waste product produced by the steal industry. The materials are melted down and woven into a non-combustible sheet. This innovative material provides a high R-value, protection from fire and because it is made of recycled materials it an eco friendly option for your building projects.  

Common Misconceptions

EIFS is often mistaken for Stucco. Stucco is cementitious and EIFS is a non-cementitious product. Stucco is fire proof. EIFS is fire rated for 20 min if correctly applied.


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