With its consistent structure, Tabula can easily be installed with joints, making it a great option for a project with a tight time limit. Create a noteworthy and impressive fireplace or accent wall by installing Tabula in your next interior application. Also, Tabula is a create fit for a range of exterior installations, including wrapping support beams and foundations, creating retaining walls and garage surrounds, and designing natural and impressive outdoor entertaining spaces.

Weight flat-corner 37 kg/m² – 10 kg/m
Dimensions cm² 90 – 600 cm²
THICKNESS 1.50 – 3.00 cm
Recommended Adhesive Qty 8.0 kg/m²
Recommended joint Mortar Qty 6.5 kg/m²
Recommended joint Gap 2,00 cm
Recommended Smart Stone Type Smart-3
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