Lime Plaster (Fine)

Lime Plaster (Fine)

Lime Plaster is a natural plaster product that combines the timeless beauty of old-world plaster and 21st century technology to outperform any traditional plaster on the market today. Formulated from hydrated lime, fine-grain sand and proprietary natural additives, it is a hybrid product that enables you to achieve a striking Venetian-style finish at a fraction of the cost of comparable European plasters. (For a Marmorino-style finish, see Lime Plaster (Medium).

A colored finish coating, Lime Plaster can be applied over EIFS, Stucco, Sheetrock, Cement Board and many other substrates. In addition to its ease-of-use, durability and advanced aesthetics, Arcus Lime Plaster (Fine) delivers many health and environmental benefits. Made in the USA, it is an ideal exterior /interior finish for today’s applicator or homeowner that combines striking beauty and superior performance.

Features & Benefits

Achieve beautiful effects with minimal effort:

  • An advanced plaster that is easy to mix and apply
  • Ultra-pleasing results without the traditional labor
  • Colors to match what your project requires
  • Natural, affordable, and easy to repair
  • Weather-resistant and supremely durable
  • More cost effective than foreign-made plasters
  • One 30-lb bag will cover 160-210 sq ft

Benefits for health and well-being:

  • Highly resistant to mold and bacteria
  • Allows a room or building to “breathe”
  • Enhances air quality for those inside
  • Flushes and dissipates unpleasant odors
  • Fire resistant for added occupant safety
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainably produced
Arcus LimePlaster Fine 1
Wine Country Wall Window Exterior

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Color Samples

thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterFRESH SAGE 1
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterROMAN COLUMN 1
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterLILY 1
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterFRESH SAGE 1 1
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterBRHAMA BUFF 1
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterWHITE RAISIN
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterTOWER TAN
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterSHEEL WHITE
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterHONEY WHEAT
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterCLAY
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterBOLD BRICK
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterBALANCED BEIGE
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterRELAXED KHAKI
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterPEPPERCORN
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterMOONLIGHT
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterINTERACTIVE CREAM
thumbs ARC3939LlimrPlasterCOLONNADE GRAY
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterEXTRA WHITE
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterWARM STONE
thumbs ARC3939LimePlasterSUMMIT GRAY
thumbs ARC3935LimePlasterSTONE HOUSE
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