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Marblecoat is a specialized interior/exterior coating consisting of a proprietary mix of quarried, crushed marble ideal for applications calling for the polished look of natural stone. The creamy mix is easy to work with, and the marble effects can be achieved with either a single coat – or with multiple coats to produce a deeper texture on either vertical or horizontal surfaces. It provides the sheen of natural marble for today’s contemporary designs, and is often used for accent elements such as columns, ornamental panels, moldings and floors.

Marblecoat is a cement-based, field-applied product, and can be used over any stable substrate that it bonds to including concrete, masonry, stucco, EIFS basecoat, drywall and cement board. It is applied smooth or textured with a trowel, then finished with light sanding or buffing and sealed when fully dry. Marblecoat has the timeless beauty and natural appeal of quarried stone, and its white natural state makes for brighter, more arresting colors. Made in the USA, the product is an attractive and cost-effective alternative to high-grade paint or thin-stone veneers.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply for marble effects
  • Reduced work time to finish
  • Strength and durability that lasts
  • 24 colors to match the look you want
  • Apply thick or thin to control depth of hue
  • Marble finish means less maintenance
  • Ingredients from nature for the look of real stone
  • One 50-lb bag will cover 20-40 sq ft @ 1/8″ to 1/4″ thickness
Limestone Finish
Limestone marblecoat

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Limestone colors
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
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