With 4 colour variations to choose from, Tudor guarantees versatility. Also, its robust and consistent structure promotes easy installation and natural, subtle aesthetic.

Ideal for several different projects, our Tudor can transform any indoor entertaining space or exterior building. Create a timeless fireplace or a natural accent wall by applying Tudor to your next interior project. Also, add it to exterior cladding, support beams, foundations, and outdoor kitchens to add a rustic and unique element.

Weight flat-corner 38 kg/m² – 11 kg/m
Dimensions cm² 50 – 600 cm²
THICKNESS 2.00 – 4.0 cm
Recommended Adhesive Qty 8.0 kg/m²
Recommended joint Mortar Qty 6.5 kg/m²
Recommended joint Gap 2.00 cm
Recommended Smart Stone Type Smart-3
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