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Stonecoat™ is a field-applied limestone coating consisting of a proprietary mix of quarried, crushed limestone, select polymers and Portland cement for added strength. The product is hand-tooled on vertical or horizontal surfaces to produce the look of cut stone finishes, complete with grout lines. Stonecoat™ can also be used to create beautifully durable countertops, dramatic fireplaces, door and window surrounds, custom columns, arches, quoins, flooring, wainscoting, and numerous other decorative stone elements.

Stonecoat is installed exclusively by trained applicators, and can be textured, honed and finished like cut stone, or given the look of a more rustic field stone. The coating can be either hand-troweled or spray-applied to a variety of substrates including Portland cement, cement plaster (stucco), gypsum board, poured-in-place concrete, CMU blocks, brick masonry, cement backer boards, lightweight concrete, ceramic or natural stone tile, and EPS foam.

The range of aesthetic objectives that can be realized with Stonecoat is virtually limitless — from elegant and authentic, to modern and organic. Whether it be a luxury residence, resort, commercial project, architectural features such as fireplaces, range hoods, counter tops, pool copings, fountains, etc., interior or exterior wall surfaces, adding a decorative Stonecoat finish can enhance the appearance of any architectural design.

Features & Benefits

  • Extends What You Can Do With Stone

    • Not a “faux” finish. Instead: authentic limestone
    • Naturally looks and feels like stone. It is stone
    • No fastening. Adheres to almost anything
    • Sustainable qualities good for LEED ratings
    • Resists UV light degradation and fading
    • Safe: no outgassing or chemical hazards
    • Compressive strength exceeds concrete
    • Lasts decades. No foreseeable maintenance
    • One 50-lb bag will cover 15 sq ft @ 3/8″ thickness

    A Palette for the Artist in You

    • Offers design flexibility and aesthetic choices
    • Enhances any exterior or interior surface
    • Apply it over any shape or decorative surface
    • Creative range of textures, carvings and castings
    • Perfect for casting columns, fireplaces & shapes
    • Integrally-colored using mineral oxide pigments
    • Hone it or polish it for a natural stone finish
    • Complements ArcusStone lime & cement plasters
    • A cost-effective alternative to using cut stone
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plaster

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Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
Limestone Plastering
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